Breast Cancer ma(n)sectomy videos

27th January 2014

Sally fish the Bournemouth student who visited and recorded my story has now put these up on line.
There are two videos on different sites. One creates a debate where you can vote if you think the Pink ribbon should change .
The other is a brief snippet about my story
Both are done very well and I hope with Sally’s help they raise awareness of breast cancer in Men

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Yearly check up 2013

27th December 2013

Had my yearly check up today at Oncolodgy department . Doctor gave me a prod and a poke and asked if I felt ok , which I do . Said they would see me again in 12 months time. Breast clinc I visited in september and they dont want to see me till 2015. Lets hope I continue to feel well in 2014.

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Blogging with Sally

8th December 2013

Today my blog piece I wrote for Bournemouth University student Sally Fish went on line on Sallys Male breast cancer blog page . I wrore about my 3 wishes (well 3 moans) that should be easy to solve and make Male Breast cancer more aware to all. Well worth a read!
Link below

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Interview for Bournemouth University student

9th November 2013

Today did an interveiw with a lovely student from Bournemouth University about Male Breast Cancer. Sally Fish and her cameraman Ed recorded a question and answer interview to help Sally with her media studies. Sally is also keen to raise awareness about Male breast cancer that I am also trying too as well , hence I didn’t hesitate to offer my services to sally when asked. Hopefully it all goes well and that seeing my scar was not too shocking for her. Wishing sally all the best with her work on this course , and it was a pleasure to meet you both.

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Another year goes by

4th January 2013

Went for a hospital check up between Christmas & New Year at the Oncology department and they have said they don’t want to see me again for 12 months. This is the same with Breast clinic so hopefully in a years time one of them will discharge me .

I’m feeling well and long may it continue , All the best for 2013

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Finally a Breakthough For Men on website

13th November 2012

Finally the breakthrough Breast Cancer website has some good information and recognition of Male Breast Cancer . I feature on page with my Story

Hoping this helps other suffers and makes the symptoms for men to look for clearer. Maybe we are turning a corner in getting this message out there .

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On Monster Mummies website

10th October 2012

A while ago I was contacted by Monster Mummies website for a mini guest blog to go on their site during October to help raise awareness. This has appeared on line today .



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