Talking on BBC World Service

23rd September 2012

Had a few calls over last week since the article in the Sun . One was from This Morning on ITV and despite then looking quite interested for me to appear they sadly pulled the plug on Friday . But as one door closes another opens and tonight I will be doing an interview on the BBC World service along with a Dr Nick Orr from the Institute of Cancer reasearch about new findings that have just been published about why men get breast Cancer. This Study was carried out in 2010 and I took part , hence my involvement in the interview.  I have to be at BBC Radio Suffolk studio to do the ISTN phone link at 9.30pm tonight . Then tomorrow I am at the same studio again for Breakfast doing another interview for BBC Radio Suffolk. At leased it is helping to get the message out there , and I don’t mind doing my bit to spread the word about Male Breast Cancer.



About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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2 Responses to Talking on BBC World Service

  1. Katya says:

    Hi all…I am Katya…New to the site and I am here to let you all know that there is a new website that allows people to connect directly to medical researchers working to find a cure. Right now the focus is breast cancer with planned expansion into other cancers. There are also clinical trials that are available for viewing, written in understandable English not in hard to grasp medical lingo! I am really excited to share this website with you and I will be posting Press Releases as they come out. Let’s all help each other and fight this dreaded disease together! Thank you!

  2. andrewtokely says:

    Thanks for adding info to my Blog

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