About Andrews Blog

Andrew Tokely , Fighting Breast Cancer with the help of his wife

My Blog , follows my story of how I found a lump and how I am currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. 

Breast Cancer in men is rare with 300 cases per year reported compared to around 45,000 cases in women.

Hopefully my story will help others with  Breast Cancer or help others to be more aware of this disease and how it can effect both men and Women .

My Story from start to finish , warts and all!

 A few worthy of a Special Thank You 

The help and support of my Wife Amanda , we have always been strong but things like this make you even stronger.

The Children have both helped out with chores, especially Louie taking on the role of chief water carrier at the allotment and helping keep the plot clean.

My Brothers for helping out with extra work at Dads whilst I am unable to visit as regular as usual .

My Dad for calling every day without fail to see how I’m doing and for having a chat about anything .

All the doctors , Nurses and support staff at Ipswich Hospital in the Breast Clinic and Oncology and chemo units , who have all been very kind and supportive , answering any questions I may have.

Dennis Smith at the allotment, for cutting my Grass paths and watering at anytime that I am unable to take on the task.  Gavin Leeks for helping out with planting a few crops whilst my arm was very sore.

Joyce and Richard next door, as Joyce makes a good nurse if required and Richard has kept my lawn tidy at home. 

Work colleagues for their support after the operation and through treatment. (Only close friends and Directors knew of my condition until I had had 2nd operation, as I didn’t want the 2 heads syndrome as I walked about at work) All have been good since, allowing me to work the hours that I can whilst able.

Plus Marilyn Keen a special work friend who has been in contact with me almost every day throughout my treatment offering help and advice and at times a very welcomed other pair of ears to talk too.


12 Responses to About Andrews Blog

  1. dougeharper says:

    Andrew. So glad that I found your blog. I was diagnosed on 12th Jan this year and was surprised that men could get BC. I too am trying to raise awareness of Male BC.
    I shall read your blog all the way through in the next few days (warts n all)
    Long may you feel well

  2. Tanya C says:

    Hi Andrew
    Your blog is very inspiring. I run a blog called Monster Mummies (www.monstermummies.co.uk) and we are doing a week of breast cancer information and would love to raise the awareness that breast cancer affects men as well as women. I would love it it you would write a guest blog for us! Please email me to find out more 🙂
    Take care x

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Really sorry to contact you on here but I’m a freelance journalist from the Independent and was hoping to speak to you today about new research from the ICR’s Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre? My email is lauramackenzie25@gmail.com.

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Andrew, no problem at all! Very grateful to you and the ICR for letting us use your quotes. Best wishes, Laura

  5. Jennie says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Since breast cancer is mostly seen in woman, I think it is great that you are sharing your story to increase awareness that men can also be affected by it. As a breast cancer blogger I thought you might be interested in the virtual ribbon wall that The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging recently launched, which is available at PinkInThePark.com/ribbon-wall.

    Although this is a company based in North Carolina, the virtual aspect of the ribbon wall makes it have a national significance and I believe we can never do enough to honor those who have or have had breast cancer.

    I have provided the release below, but please feel free to let me know if you need any supplemental materials and I will be more than happy to facilitate that.

    Thank you,

    Jennie Ahlgren
    Assistant Account Executive, Trone Brand Energy


    Media Contact:
    Jennie Ahlgren
    Assistant Account Executive, Trone Brand Energy

    Greensboro Imaging creates virtual ribbon wall

    Greensboro, NC—June 26, 2013—The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging has launched a virtual ribbon wall to remember, honor and celebrate loved ones touched by breast cancer. Anyone can create their own complimentary ribbon at PinkInThePark.com/ribbon-wall.

    For the last two decades, the pink ribbon has been an unmistakable symbol of solidarity and support for women in all stages of their journey with breast cancer. A physical ribbon wall launched at Pink in the Park’s inaugural event five years ago. Each year this one-day event kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. In order to expand beyond this event and to continually honor breast cancer patients, The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging created the virtual ribbon wall.

    “The impact of social media is more prominent each day, and we really want to keep getting the word out,” said Dr. Michelle Brown at The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging. “One in eight women will suffer from breast cancer in her lifetime. I think most people know someone who has battled or is battling currently, and it’s just as important to spread the word about this disease as it is to encourage, celebrate and honor those who have been affected by it. We realize that breast cancer affects people every single day, not just during October, so this is a wonderful way to bring attention to such an important cause.”

    To create a ribbon, visit PinkInThePark.com/ribbon-wall. You can share your ribbon on Facebook in order to raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer and to encourage your friends and followers to create their own ribbons. Whether you or a loved one are undergoing treatment, celebrating remission or honoring the life of another, a pink ribbon shows undeniable support for the cause. Dr. Michelle Brown adds, “Together we can create a ribbon gallery of fighters and survivors, in honor or in memory, and together we can share the common strength among these individuals.”

    About The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging
    The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging is an outpatient diagnostic imaging center designed to serve a woman’s mammography health needs, from mammograms to breast biopsy as well as ultrasound and bone density screening. The center was formed in 2001 and is located on the fourth floor of the Professional Medical Center at 1002 Church Street in Greensboro. To schedule a mammogram or other appointment, call 336.271.4999 or go to greensboroimaging.com.

  6. Andrew, I just wanted to leave a short and sweet comment for you:

    Your blog is really intriguing and opens the door for male breast cancer communities. This is truly an inspiration and it supports others who may be in your same shoes. It is a selfless act to share your life with other people. I hope that other people respect what you are doing as much as I do. I work at a company that is in the process of creating something similar to what you’ve done. Again, much respect my friend keep doing what you do.

    With love,
    A.J. DelPrince
    and the HealthBeMe Team

  7. Rebecca Willcocks says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I was heartened to read your blog and I wondered if you might be interested in speaking with me in order to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in Men. I am a Counseling Psychologist and for my Doctoral thesis I am carrying out a piece of research by conducting interviews with men to hear their experiences of having Breast Cancer to understand a man’s perspective of having an illness that is typically considered by most to be ‘female-only’.
    I would be delighted to speak to you. If you are interested and would like more information, please do contact me: willcocr@roehampton.ac.uk.
    Best Wishes.
    Rebecca Willcocks

  8. Rebecca Willcocks says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I wondered if you received my message above regarding my thesis on men’s experiences of having breast cancer? Please do get in touch and let me know if we could have a conversation – willcocr@roehampton.ac.uk. Many Thanks, Rebecca Willcocks.

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