Breast Cancer ma(n)sectomy videos

27th January 2014

Sally fish the Bournemouth student who visited and recorded my story has now put these up on line.
There are two videos on different sites. One creates a debate where you can vote if you think the Pink ribbon should change .
The other is a brief snippet about my story
Both are done very well and I hope with Sally’s help they raise awareness of breast cancer in Men


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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2 Responses to Breast Cancer ma(n)sectomy videos

  1. The Male Breast Cancer Diaries says:

    Thank you Andrew! I have linked to your blog from mine now. So hopefully we shall see a slight increase in traffic both ways! Thanks for all your help. I will send you a copy of the main feature in the post. The main project URL is feel free to share with anyone 🙂

  2. andrewtokely says:

    Great , hope it all goes well

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