Wear it Pink

28th October 2011

Had a wear it pink day at work today , to help raise funds for Breast Cancer. Should be wear it pink with a hint of blue for us males. Went on BBC radio suffolk with Mark Murphy and we had a discushion about how charities should change stance to Pink and Blue and highlight Male breast cancer more. Discussion went well and hopefully raised some more awareness which is all I can continue to try and do.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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8 Responses to Wear it Pink

  1. Sarah Rushton says:

    I am a student nurse and accidently came across your blog whilst trying to find some information on male breast cancer. For my next assignment I am to produce a health promotion resource and have chose to do it for male breast cancer due to the lack of, or rather non-existence information available for men. I have found your interview in the Independant and your blog very very interesting and useful and will be using it in my resource, for this I thank you.
    I hope you are well
    Sarah 🙂 🙂

    • andrewtokely says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your message . Yes I am very well .
      If you require any futher information of help whilst doing your piece please do not hesitate to contact me. Always happy to help and try to raise awareness of Male Breast Cancer .

      All the best Andrew

      • Sarah Rushton says:

        Hello Andrew,
        Thank you for your reply. I am glad you are well 🙂
        For my assignment I am going to produce a leaflet or poster raising awareness of breast cancer in males as to date I have found not one aimed at men. Would a leaflet or poster raised awareness for you? Also I read in your blog that the information you were given after diagnosis was aimed at women (mastectomy), do you think that the resources for men are inadequate? if so what resourses in your opinion, would help men to deal with such diagnosis? and also regarding the different treatment options?
        Many Thanks

  2. andrewtokely says:

    Hi Sarah ,
    Yes a poster or a leaflet would have been useful to help raise Male awareness. All the information I was given was detailed towards Women , so very inadequate for male sufferers.
    What would help is clear information from the start , including procedures that will take place , what will happen as a man , what side affects etc . I did get one booklet half way through treatment only because I made a nuisance to get it from support centre at hospital. This was called Men with Breast Cancer by Breast Cancer Care. If I had been given this at the start or something like it , things would have been alot clearer.
    Hope this helps

  3. Noah Berkowitz says:

    So great that after how many days I found your blog, this is my first time to meet male blogger that fight breast cancer. Hope that you can or will share more great information on how you feel it, how you fight it. Anyway, if you share your experiences in fighting that breast cancer you not only giving information because it also will help you to relive the pain, the ill feelings and so on. The best thing to hear is you inspired other men who also have a battle for breast cancer. -_^

    • andrewtokely says:

      Dear Noah ,
      Thank you for your comment. I am very well at present and long may it continue. Still trying to spread the word and highlight that men can get Breast Cancer as well as Women .

  4. Vida Koranteng says:

    Hi Andrews I am very happy to have found this website. I am a student and I am about to design a health promotion poster for male breast cancer to raise awareness. I will like have your input in anyway you can to make this poster a success.
    Thank you.
    Vida Koranteng.

    • andrewtokely says:

      Hi Vida ,
      Thank you for contacting me . A male Breast Cancer awareness poster is a great idea . I think the poster should highlight the fact that this type of cancer affects both men and Women . So a headline with something like ‘Breast Cancer is not just a female disease, Men are affected too’ . If your poster could point out about men checking their breasts , armpits for lumps , bumps. Maybe feature a picture of a man with only one nipple , because if men get it there is no choice but have a masectomy. I think if the message is hard hitting it may then get a reaction from Men and hopefully save lives.

      Best of luck with Poster , would love to see one when completed

      Best Regards

      Andrew Tokely

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