A difficult week

My dad and Fred his cat

18th February 2011

Been a difficult week this week , as sadly my father passed away suddenly on Sunday 13th February . He was a real inspiration to me and the rest of the family , coping so well despite being blind . He will be dearly missed as we spoke every day and was always full of encouragement and support throughout my life especially during my illness. I have lots to sort out now , but as I am being constantly told I must not overdo it otherwise I may make myself ill again . As a family we have had three terrible years , 2 years ago mum died, last year I was ill and now this year dad has sadly passed away, lets hope things get better soon.

17th March 2011

Today was dads funeral , There was a good turn out of over 70 people and the service and the whole day went very well. Dad is at peace now , we all miss him everday , but we must  now all try to move forward as a family, thats what he would have wanted.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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6 Responses to A difficult week

  1. Barrie says:

    Hello Andrew,

    Just checked into your blog to see how things were going.

    Very sorry to hear your news and please accept my deepest condolences in losing your dad.

    Best wishes, Barrie

    • andrewtokely says:

      Thanks Barrie for your kind words at this difficult time for me and all the family.
      Sadly can not get a Funeral until the 17th March , so we have a long while before we can all try to move forward.

      All the best

      • Barrie says:

        That’s really tough on you all. Sue had a very long delay with her dad, so we can appreciate the situation. Don’t forget where I am if you just fancy a chat or need anything in the future. Best wishes, Barrie

      • andrewtokely says:

        Thanks much appreciated

  2. JIM HEATH says:

    At last a fellow male breast cancer sufferer that has had a similar experience and faced similar problems with information and public perception of this overlooked male problem…I was diagnosed in Dec 2001 and was lucky that it was an early stage,low grade one but I still had a right mastectomy…I too tried to raise the public awareness that its not as a lot of cancer charities try to portray in their literature….”It’s a Girl thing”!!!…I did an article in my local SE London press and also in The Guardian and CHAT magazine…I have tried to get Cancer Research and the Dept of Health to look into developing a campaign to highlight this issue and to produce suitable MALE orientated literature for health clubs clincs and public places but constantly hit a brick wall so would be interested to hear your perception on these points….my email is jim.heath@dsl.pipex.com if you want to message me sometime.

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