4th week of Radiotherapy

Monday 18th October

Start of another weeks treatment  all went ok , arm and scar still tender.  Had to go to GP today,  as I’ve been having a lot of heartburn and indigestion for past couple of weeks. Apparently this is due to the Radiotherapy touching the gullet area, also have a slight cough, also from treatment touching Lung area. GP prescribed me a tablet to take each day to help stop heartburn and indigestion called Omeprazole, hopefully it works. Felt tired today.    

Tuesday 19th October

Had a good night’s sleep with no heartburn or indigestion, so Omeprazole must be working. Treatment went ok this morning.

Wednesday 20th October

Went to hospital and had treatment, they were a little delayed as one machine had broken down. Then went to eye clinic for appointment, plus my left eye had puffed up this morning and was watery. Dr checked it and thinks there may be some allergic reaction to something I am taking , so I now have drops that have to go in 3 times a day for a week , then twice a day for 2nd week and then once a day for 3rd week.  I think it has been caused by something blowing into eye today, although I did have a similar reaction in that eye on Sunday, so may be more too it? Since having two lots of drops in since coming home, it has now settled down and seems ok. The Mole behind eye hasn’t grown and is still flat so they think is ok, but they will continue to monitor.

Friday 22nd October

Had last radiotherapy treatment for this week.  I now have a nice red square on my chest, that looks like I have had sunburn. As I have kept it moisturised with the Aqueous cream, it is not too sore, I just have a little discomfort/ aching under right arm. Went back to eye clinic today, but eye has cleared up and was ok by Thursday morning . Dr says no need to carry on with eye drops and agreed with me that it was probably something that had blown in as I expected as I have no eye lashes to stop anything coming in due to the Chemo treatment making them fall out earlier in year. Still only one more week of radiotherapy to go, then no more daily trips to hospital thank goodness.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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