3rd week of Radiotherapy

Monday 11th October

Another week of radiotherapy begins, under arm still a little tender and scar feels a bit tight. This evening I went to Cancer Research Uk in Cambridge for a talk about their work, some of their fundraisers and how they are developing drugs and techniques to try and beat breast Cancer. I found this a very interesting evening.        

Tuesday 12th October   

Had radiotherapy before work as usual then worked until 2.30 before going to BBC Radio Suffolk.  I did  an update on Lesley Dolphins show about my Breast Cancer treatment, saying what had happened since I visited in July and how I was doing now. Interview went well and should help raise awareness of Breast cancer as this is Breast Cancer awareness month. I also mentioned this blog so will be interesting to see if I get any feedback from those visiting blog or who heard my interview on the radio .    

Thursday 14th October

Scar a bit tender today and now have a red square on chest where radiotherapy has been and looks like a square of sun burn, but shoulder area still not too bad. Under arm also tender and aches . Blog has had a lot of hits since radio interview with 95 on Tuesday and 30 yesterday , so hopefully male breast Cancer message getting out there. Went and had Flu jab tonight at doctors , but as had Chemo recently I was given  normal flu jab in arm , a Swine flu jab in backside and have to have a top up normal flu jab again in 4 weeks time as my immune system may still not be up to full capacity yet since chemo.

Friday 15th October      

Another week of radiotherapy completed. My scar is a little tender but bearable, and my under arm aches still , so must continue with exercises. My backside is a bit tender from that swine flu jab yesterday.  Will try to have a restful weekend, before going up hospital again each day next week.                             



About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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