Started Radiotherapy

Monday 27th September

Next big chapter today, not only is it  Louie’s 10th birthday , but is also the start of my Radiotherapy treatment. Went to Hospital at 9.45, got called through for a chat, explaining what was going to happen and possible side effects. Was also given a list of all my appointment dates for the rest of my treatment. Basically you go into a room and lay on a bench and the nurses move you into position according to the measurements they had taken using the tattoo marks from before. Your arms are put up above your head in things similar to stirrups. Then the machine is positioned over the chest/ breast area and the nurses leave the room whilst machine gives radiotherapy at two different angles so that the lung is avoided. The Nurses then return and reposition machine again over my Shoulder area and then start machine again after leaving room. You don’t see or feel anything coming out of machine, but you do hear the machine humming when in progress and some background music to help you relax. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, but whilst laying there it seems a little longer.  Was also given some Aqueous cream to rub on skin area twice a day, this is to stop it drying out after treatment. This evening went to Ferry Boat Inn for a Birthday meal for Louie , had a large cod and chips which melted in your mouth.

Tuesday 28th September

Went for 2nd treatment, which was very quick . The staff are very pleasant and willingly changed a couple of appointment dates to a more suitable time. Worked rest of day then had a visit from Louise Cook and her colleague Darren from Cancer research UK. They work for the local area of Essex and Suffolk and wanted to know if I was willing to help out with any media awareness for Male Breast Cancer and if willing to talk at any of their meetings. I agreed I would help if I can especially through Breast Cancer awareness month and any male cancer awareness functions, or talking to their local groups. They agreed to use my blog within this awareness plan. I look forward to hearing what they have planned. After a rest late this afternoon, I went to see dad this evening for a little while.

Thursday 30th September

Now had 4 days of treatment, as yet no soreness around scar or shoulder areas. I have got a little discomfort under armpit area. Not sure if this is due to the radiation or the stretching of arms above head whilst being treated , or a combination of both. Because during treatment no deodorant is allowed under that right armpit, this feels strange and clammy, but thankfully not smelly, where as  the left armpit with deodorant applied feels normal. Will have to monitor this over next days and weeks and see how this develops and if armpit gets any more uncomfortable.  

Friday 1st October

Had final treatment  for this week ,(4 more weeks to go ). Armpit still feels a bit puffy underneath, but as yet no redness or soar areas which is good. Amanda and I went out tonight for a meal at Trongs Chinese restaurant. We used the Voucher that I had been kindly given from a collection made at Work back in May. But we decided we wouldn’t use it until I was feeling better and my taste buds were back to normal. Had a lovely meal, some quality time together and came home well and truly stuffed. 


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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