Helping The Institute of Cancer Research Study

Monday 20th September

Woke up with muzzy head again, but felt ok to go to work until lunchtime. After a rest this afternoon , I am going to see my dad this evening for about an hour.

Institute of Cancer Research Study                                                                                                                                                           This afternoon I had a visit from a Research Nurse (Alison Butlin) from The Institute of Cancer Research in Surrey on behalf of Professor Swerdlow. The ICR  had contacted me in July via my Consultant Miss Mortimer at Ipswich Hospital asking if I would be willing in taking part in a Breast Cancer study especially detailed towards Male Breast Cancer. This I agreed to and today Alison came and interviewed me with various health and family history questions to help build up a picture of my lifestyle compared to others taking part within the study to see if there is any link between lifestyles other health issues and contracting Male Breast Cancer. At the same time she also took my pulse and did a Blood test taking 4 samples of blood that will be sent away for storage and testing at a later date. The Blood is to be analysed for hormones and for any family factors that may affect the risk of breast Cancer in the future. Results of the study will be made available to me when completed within the next 5 years. As far as I am concerned any help to raise awareness or a better understanding of why men get Breast Cancer can only be a good thing, and if a little of my blood and time can help with this then as many of us should support it as possible. Tests and questionaires will also be carried out on men who do not have breast Cancer and the results will be compared.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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