Trying Work again

Monday 13th September

After being so tired towards the end of last week , and with a good rest since Thursday , today I went back to work . Felt good to be back doing some horticultural work again , writing cultural and answering questions. Only worked till lunchtime , so as not to overdo it . Came home and had a doze this afternoon , before going and seeing dad tonight. Still getting a Muzzy head at times through day , but bearable , trying to cope with it without taking any more pills , Just taking the Tamoxifen is quite enough.

Tuesday 14th September

Had a great night sleep , woke up feeling good and went to work again. Worked on PC before visiting  Harkstead today to look at flower breeding, walking around field and glasshouses. Came home at 2pm , had lunch and fell asleep in chair this afternoon. Relaxed this evening. Think half days are just about right at the moment as still getting tired by afternoon.

Wednesday 15th September

For some reason had a restless night and indigestion again . Still went to work this morning , but came home at lunch time and slept for a couple of hours as still getting tired after half a day’s work. Felt ok after doze and went and see dad tonight for a little while.

Couldn’t believe what came in post today, my appointment for the eye clinic at hospital. Got an appointment for this Friday at 10am (Exactly a week after eye test at opticians) . Must have come through so quick as I am already in hospital system , well hopefully that’s the case and it is nothing too serious to worry about. Arranged for my mate Ben to take me, as I won’t be able to drive if they put drops in my eyes.

Also had my NHS prescription exemption card through today, so I can now get the Tamoxifen and any other prescriptions free for the next 5 years .                                             I urge anyone in my situation to apply for this as soon as diagnosed as I wasn’t told until I was due for Tamoxifen , and by that time I had already paid for some previous prescriptions that I could have got free if I had had the exemption card earlier. Trying to claim this money back in a nightmare and one I have now given up on.

Thursday 16th September

Had good night sleep but woke up with a very muzzy head. This soon went once I took Tamoxifen and one Paracetamol tablet. Went to work again until lunch time , came home and had a rest and little doze after lunch. Walked up allotment this evening and picked some vegetables for tomorrow nights meal.

Friday 17th September  (Eye Check)

Woke up again today with Muzzy head , must be the Tamoxifen . Ben picked me up this morning and took me to Ipswich Hospital eye clinic. Had drops put in eyes which made them Sting for a while and my vision blurred. Doctor looked in eyes , but couldn’t see a mole behind left eye but did see a lot of darker pigment that she thought was nothing to worry about. As a precaution have to go back next Wednesday and have a photo taken of the behind of eye just to make sure. The doctor thought I was referred so quickly as I was in system due to Cancer treatment. Came home , making way to bens car like a pit pony as the drops make your eyes hurt in the sun and give you a headache and your eyes ache. Had Sleep this afternoon to rest eyes.

Amanda came home from work unwell with upset stomach and felt sick , so went to bed early , between us we are a good pair.

Saturday 18th September.

Thankfully Amanda feeling better, I still have a muzzy head but took a Paracetamol with Tamoxifen and this eased. Went shopping this morning at Tesco and then went with Amanda and children to Freeport Braintree this afternoon for a little while. Rested late afternoon , before going to see dad tonight.

Sunday 19th September

Muzzy heads are becoming the norm now when I wake up , and I am learning to put up with them . Had a restful day today, went and got some Vegetables from allotment and picked up a football kit for Louie from JJB. Pottered about at home this afternoon and helped cook Roast dinner. Resting this evening so I am fit for work again tomorrow. 


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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