Started Tamoxifen (One 20mg tablet a day for 5 years)

Friday 10th September 2010

Had a good nights sleep , but still woke up tired , with eyes that feel like they have lead weights on them and a muzzy head. So have not gone to work today , I am going to have a rest today and the weekend and hopefully will be fit for work on Monday .                                                                                                                                            As I have now finished all my other medication following last Chemo , today I started my 5 year program of 1 Tamoxifen tablet a day. These pills are not very big, so are easy to swallow but will become my companion for the foreseeable future. Regular trips to the Doctors and Pharmacy for a repeat prescription each month will now become a regular occurrence. Will have to wait and see if I incur any of the possible side effects ?

Also had an annual eye test today , all went ok and eyes no different except optician found I had a mole behind left eye so has referred me to hospital . I thought great another department to visit, as if I hadn’t been up there enough lately. Still might be a while before appointment comes through?

Saturday 11th September

Slept really well last night and didn’t get up till gone 8am this morning.  Don’t feel as tired and eyes are not heavy, but have a bit of a muzzy head still. Pottered about at home today, planting pansy & Polyanthus plugs in trays. Had a rest later in day before going to see dad tonight. Wondering if the muzzy head is a result of taking the Tamoxifen tablet as they do say it can give headaches.  Funny how you sit and work things out , 5 years tablets is 1,825 pills in total so I only have another 1,823 still to take!

Sunday 12th September

Another really good night’s sleep, again not waking until 8am . Definitely feeling better and not so tired, but I still have a muzzy head, must be a side effect from the Tamoxifen? Took a single Paracetamol during the day and cleared it. Helped Children with Homework this morning and then pottered about at home and allotment this afternoon for a little while with Louie and planted some late lettuce plants and some autumn Onion sets. Sat down and had a rest before I went to Felixstowe this evening with Amanda and the children for an early meal at the Ferry Boat, which was very tasty, then called and see our friends Herbert and Monica with a bag of Runner beans on the way home. Got home about 7.30pm and relaxed in front of the TV before going to bed. Hopefully I will feel just as good tomorrow, then I can go back to work again?


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Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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