Back to Work

Monday 6th September

Despite having a restless night due to a stomach ache and indigestion, once up I felt a bit better so today I went back to work. After breakfast took antibiotics and Fluconazole tablets. Arrived at work at 8.30 am , been busy with an Office move most of day until I left at 4pm. Visited dad tonight before crashing out later as tired and went to bed. Been nice to get back to work and try to settle back into normality again, just mustn”t overdue it as everyone keeps telling me.

Tuesday 7th September

Slept really well last night, must have been tired. Woke up feeling ok, took antibiotics and Fluconazole tablets , then went to work arriving at 9am and left off at about 4pm. Got home and crashed out as very tired, probably the busy weekend and work catching up on me.

Wednesday 8th September

Went to work again today after taking last Fluconazole and my antibiotics. Worked from 9am till 2.30pm but had to come home as was very tired in my eyes. Went to bed for a couple of hours this afternoon , woke up still a little tired. Went and see dad briefly tonight and then crashed out for rest of evening. Have decided if I feel tired in morning I won’t be going to work tomorrow. One good thing is I can taste food properly once more and really enjoyed the potatoes , runner beans and corn on cob harvested from allotment that we had with a sausage platter tonight. Collected Tamoxifen tablets from pharmacy today, will start taking these later in week when I have finished other medication.



About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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One Response to Back to Work

  1. lesley dolphin says:

    Sounds like the weekend was a great one… and congratulations on winning those cups!!! x

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