Great Weekend (Showtime)

Friday 3rd September

My Begonia at Show

Had day off today as Holiday , feel quite good today . Still taking antibiotics, Fluconazole, and a reduced amount of pain killers. Spent day getting vegetables and flowers ready for Capel St Mary Allotment show tomorrow. Been a great day and back to a little normality , although I am very tired by the time I go to bed.

Saturday 4th September

Got up at 6am , had breakfast along with antibiotics, Fluconazole, and a reduced amount of pain killers. Went to Capel St Mary

My 1st prize Onions

allotment show and set out exhibits . Then judged Show . Louie my

My winning vegetable Collection


 son helped out as a runner with results. Then went to Lawford and Judged their show. Finally sat down at 2pm , Legs are very tired and need another pain killer. Rested on and off this afternoon and went and see Dad tonight. Although I am very tired when I go to bed it has been a great day. At Show I won the best vegetable collection, and came second overall for Vegetable section. Louie won Children under 10 section. Tomorrow we both get a cup.

Sunday 5th September

Despite going to bed very tired, woke up today feeling quite good.

The Prize Winners


Louie winning cup for Childrens section

 Taste buds coming back so had a decent breakfast of toast , Sausage and Scrambled egg . Took antibiotics, Fluconazole, and last of pain killers. Went to allotment with Louie and Lifted last of Potato harvest as weather good , and had a tidy up. After dinner went to show with Louie , we collected cups at Presentation , chatted with old friends then cleared away from Show. Had a great day, and to finish it off nicely we all went to Toby’s Carvery tonight for our tea , and I could taste it. Going to bed tired again tonight but the weekend has been worth it, and I  haven’t had to think about Cancer , as the Show has made a little piece of light relief and normality in life once more for a few days.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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