The worst Easter

On the Monday 29th March I got a call from the hospital Breast Clinic saying they wanted to see me on the 31st March . I asked if this was good or bad news , but they couldn’t say over the phone all they could do was book the appointment .

On the 31st I duly went up to the clinic on my own as I had previously . I was called in and I again saw Dr Peter , but this time he was accompanied by a lady called Helen Gray . Beside Helen was a Blue Folder , I had seen one of these before ,when my Mum was diagnosed with Cancer , so instantly thought something was up.

Dr Peter explained that the Lump that had been removed had come back from the laboratory and it had Cancerous cells around the edges . This meant that I would need further surgery to remove any tissue around the breast and nipple area . I would need a full mastectomy and axillary lymph node sampling undertaking.  

Helen explained what would happen next and gave me various leaflets to read and explained if I had any questions I could call her . All these leaflets were with drawings of a woman’s breast and not a man , as was the explanations in the leaflets detailed towards women , which as a man can bea little alarming and off  putting.    This is probably because every year there are around 45,000 cases of Breast Cancer in Women compared to 300 cases in Men .  Making my condition rather rare , but a statistic I would rather not be.

An Appointment was made for a Biopsy of Nymph nodes on the 6th April at the breast screening Clinic and an appointment for my Mastectomy on the 20th April .

On leaving the Hospital I was in a bit shocked , I called my Wife Amanda  and tried to explain over the phone from the Hospital Car park, there was alot of silent space in that conversation. That night we tried to act as normally as possible with the children and chatted when they had gone to bed.

I think over Easter Amanda and I went through all the different emotions there are , From Why me? , anger , fear , there were definitely a few tears and conversations at 4am in the early hours of the morning  as the only chance to talk whilst the children were asleep.

To get back to normality that weekend we went to Africa Alive one of the days over Easter to help take our minds off things and to keep things as normal as possible for the children.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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