The First Chemo Treatment 10th May 2010 till the 3rd treatment

The day before you arrive you have a blood test at your surgery and the results are sent to the Hospital .

When you arrive at the Chemo day unit you have another MRSA Swab done , then you enter one big room and you all sit around the edges on comfy chairs . The Nurse then fits you up to a Celine drip (Salt water) this goes into a vein in the back of your hand and flushes through . Then once your Chemo has been made (It isn’t made until you are given the all clear for treatment that day as it is so expensive costing £1000’s, so it can’t be wasted )

The Chemo comes out in large syringes like something from a Carry on film. First you are given an syringe through the drip of an anti sick drug , this gives your bum a strange sensation as if it has had a hedgehog poked up it , luckily this only lasts for a few minutes.

Then the treatment begins , with the 4 syringes be inserted one , by one and slowly pushed through by the nurse into the vein through the drip. The whole process from start to finish is about 2hours.  Some patients having different forms of Chemo treatment are there for 5+ hours , so my treatment is quite short thankfully.

You then come home with tablets to take against anti-sickness. Plus antibiotics that you start taking 7 days after treatment for the next ten days when your blood cells are at their  lowest and you are more likely to pick up an infection.

During the 1st treatment Amanda sat with me and was reading a magazine , she was very quiet , and I noticed a tear in her eye , I asked if she was ok , she said I’ve just yawned , but then a few more tears came , and she said she couldn’t help it , as she didn’t like seeing me go through the pain.

A little while after this whilst my treatment was being administered , another lady being treated had an allergic reaction to her  chemo and went red in the face, couldn’t breathe and had nurses running to her aid with oxygen etc.  Luckily this passed by quickly and they took the lady to a separate room. This shocked and frightened both Amanda and me, but luckily I haven’t had such a reaction.

I have found that the first week after Chemo I am a bit sluggish , I usually  am off work 2 days after treatment then go back to work for ½ days for about 3 days then from 9am to 4pm until the next treatment .                                                                                                                                                                                      This was the case for the first and second treatment until I got to the last week before my third batch when a felt very, very tired, especially after driving to Kent on the Thursday. I found out later this was because my blood cell count was very low , as I had a blood test on the Monday before treatment but needed another the day of treatment . Luckily this had increased so I had my 3rd batch of Chemo as usual.

One big problem when on Chemo is keeping your bowels right. Constipation is a big problem . Started using Senokot tablets to help relieve but after a lot of straining only passed something the size of a walnut and very hard and painful.

Changed after speaking to my friend Marilyn keen to Lactolose liquid  (15ml) , this helps you go and keeps everything soft so makes it easier thankfully. Will continue with this as required , as certainly helps .


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