Hair Loss

Me when I had Hair

Three weeks after my first Chemo Treatment I started to  experienced some hair loss .

Wed 26th  and Thursday 27th  May I had a few strands fall out whilst washing and brushing hair .

Hair Loss on top Friday 28th May 2010

Hair loss on Side Friday 28th May 2010

Friday 28th had shower and a clump fell out top of head and down sides became thin.

Saturday 29th had shower and a mass of hair fell out from sides and top , the shower plug hole was full , it was laying on my shoulders , over my face and down my back . I was due a hair cut that day so  I told John the Barber to shave it all off which he did and that’s how I am today a baldy.

Hair in plughole Sat 29th May 2010

Hair in plug of Shower sat 29th May 2010

Louie was alarmed to see me with no hair and was worried at first if it would grow back , plus he was concerned if his mates at school would take the Mickey as his dad had no hair when they saw me in the playground. His friends now know about me and they are all fine.

Hair loss from side Sat 29th May 2010

Hair loss from top Sat 29th May 2010

As well as hair falling out of your head , it also falls out from your under arms, your Nose as well as your Private parts ( You return to looking like a little boy downstairs). You also stop producing whiskers so shaving is no longer required in the mornings.

Me as a Baldy


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Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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