Had 5th batch of Chemo

Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Took 8 steroids , and had blood test . Didn’t sleep well tonight , probably some anxiety about treatment plus steroids.

Wednesday 4th August 2010 (5th Batch Chemo)

Took 8 Steroids again this morning , then went to Chemo clinc. Had 5th batch of Chemo (Taxotere) . Came home and rested.  Hospital gave me prescription of Mouthwash and Fluconazole tablets against Thrush so hopefully all will be under control .  Restless night again tonight slept till about 3am , then awake on and off through night.

Thursday 5th August

Took final 8 steriods today and an anti sick pill . Started Mouthwash as prevention. No feeling too bad except for hic-ups after drinking. Was quite bad this evening when trying to go to bed. Had a bit better sleep , but still waking up at times through night .

Friday 6th August

Resting today , feel a bit sluggish , feels odd inside stomach. Took 2 lots of 2 steroid tablets today (as prescribed for next 5 days) took anti sick pills and started Fluconazole tablets against Thrush as tongue a bit rough and taste buds strange. Still taking Mouthwash .  Still have hic-ups after eating drinking. No Joints aching yet.

Saturday 7th August

Feel a bit sluggish . Took 2 lots of 2 steroid tablets today plus took anti sick pills and Fluconazole tablets against Thrush as tongue a bit rough. Taste buds shot to bits , eating to stay alive , not enjoying food , keeping up with Mouthwash . Started taking pain killers against joint pains today as started in feet and ankles.  Not sleeping great only 2-3 hours then waking up.

Sunday 8th August

 Wedding anniversary today(12 years) . Still sluggish , keeping up with pain killers, steroids and other pills. Mouth not nice today , can’t taste much at all. Still not sleeping great. Resting today , bed most of afternoon. Steriods must be helping as aching joints not as bad as last time , but still ache enough to be uncomfortable.  Feel strange inside , need to have good turn out at loo , but despite taking Lactolose , still having difficulty going.

Monday 9th August

Off work today as sluggish , and ache plus not best night sleep last night. Resting today and keeping up with medication.  Still no Movement at Loo.

Tuesday 10th August

 Off work today as still sluggish , got no get up and go .  Not best night’s sleep last night.  Last day of Steroids today . Finally had little movement at Loo. Mouth not nice and tastes buds are awful still , but eating to keep alive.

Wednesday 11th August

Went to work for morning .

Started  taking antibiotics today for next 10 days . Had movement through night in bowel area so feeling a little less uncomfortable at present . Still taking tablet for Thrush and using mouthwash , but tongue and taste buds still awful.

Thursday 12th August

On Holiday at home now with family until 23rd August . Went to pictures (Toy Story 3) with kids this morning as wet . Still don’t feel right inside , but getting some movement so will perserver.  Taste buds still awful. Felt awful this afternoon / evening , only had soup for tea . Felt cold and had job getting warm ,and legs ache , think it the side effects of steroids warring off .

Friday 13th August

Despite not feeling great when I went to bed last night , I feel ok today and have had good movement in the bowel area . Took Children Swimming at Hadleigh . Legs ached a little this morning so took pain killers and Antibiotics plus Fluconazole for mouth.  Feel quite good this afternoon , just wish mouth would make things taste better.

Sunday 15th August

Feeling quite good today , and getting a little bit of taste buds back . Seems as though the mouthwash has kept the ulcers away this time thank goodness.

 Monday 16th August

Went to Snape and Aldeburgh today as off this week with Family , Had fish and chips and could actually taste them . Feeling quite good at the moment .

Friday 20th August 2010

Finished Antibiotics today . Been a good week off with family and at present feel quite well , Had a lovely meal at Ferry Boat tonight in Felixstowe which tasted lovely . I will make most of weekend until final Chemo treatment next week .

Sunday 22nd August

Feel good today , went to my Uncle Fred’s and aunty Maureen’s Hog Roast in aid of Breast Cancer care unit. Went with all family and took dad . Food was great , pig tasted lovely as did the sausages and the delicious homemade sweets. Think I made a hog of myself , but making up for no taste buds the previous week and knowing they will be disappearing after Wednesday next week.


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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