Day of Operation 20th April 2010

Chest scar after Masectomy operation

Went into Hospital at 9am , but sat around until 4pm when taken down for operation . What a long day and with no food or drink since midnight the night before.

Surgery was undertaken by the consultant Miss Mortimer  , assisted by Dr Peter.

The operation was about 1hour , plus some recovery time , and I got back to the ward for about 6pm when Amanda visited with some welcome food and a cream cake that I ate about 11pm. I was given some toast and a cup of tea and some water whilst recovering.

I was connected to a drip to help build up my fluids and had an oxygen mask on , but this was soon removed once I started to eat. I also had a drain fitted to me which was draining the fluids from the wound.

That first night was not very good as later that evening after drifting in and out of sleep I was moved to another ward at about 4am. I also desperately wanted to go for a pee , but was unable for some reason to go in one of those cardboard bottles. The more I tried the harder it was. Eventually my drip finished , so I asked the nurse if she could disconnect me , which she did and after she part tied up my gown , (which later I discovered as showing all the rest of ward by backside) I carried my drain bottle in a bag down to the toilet. Heaven at around 5am I heard the sound of water hitting the pan.

After Breakfast on the 21st Miss Mortimor and Dr Peter visited me to see how much movement I had in the right arm as 6-7 glands had been removed from under my armpit at the same time as the Mastectomy . They told me that my arm would be tender  and the Physiotherapist would come and see me . She did and at last a Breast operation leaflet for Men. We went through the range of exercises I had to do and arranged to meet again on the 4th May to see how I was progressing.

Around 11.30 I came home with Amanda with my Drain bag still intact. I was Signed off work until 7th May (3 weeks)

The drain was due to come out 48hours after surgery provided it had not released more that 50ml of fluid in 24hrs .   

On 22nd  District Nurse came but still too much fluid in drain to be removed , didn’t have a good nights sleep as arm was painful, plus frustrated drain still in.

On 23rd District Nurse called again , but still too much fluid draining to be removed . Under arm feels very puffy and aches after exercise.

Saturday  24th District Nurse came and finally the drain has been removed . Arm tiered after exercise , so have eased up a little today as wound still leaking a little . Managed to walk up allotment as no drain to see how things were, only a short walk but worn out.

On 25th No leakage from wound , so exercising again. Arm still very puffy and aches a lot .


About andrewtokely

Andrew Tokely's Fight against Breast Cancer. Trying to make other men aware that this can also effect them
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