4th Batch of Chemo

Tuesday 13th July 2010

I started taking 8 steroids before Chemo and had blood test . These steroids give your face a healthy red glow for a few hours and the face feels warm. This evening I can’t sleep , only had 1 hour sleep all night , so laid awake listening to church clock all night. But surprisingly I do not feel tired in morning .

Wednesday 14th July 2010  – Had 4th batch of Chemo

Took 8 Steroids again this morning . Went to  Chemo Clinc for 4th batch of Chemo . Having new form this time (Taxotere) . This is administered again through a drip direct into a vein. Nurse had difficulty finding a good vein today and had 3 stabs at getting one , and eventually got one in the back of wrist. So hand like a pin cushion with plasters covering needle points.

For this Chemo  first a small bag of Celine (Salt water )is run through for about ½ an hour, then  you are given an anti sickness drug (but luckily not the hedgehog up your back side one) , then the Celine drip is changed to a bag of Taxotere.This runs through slowly for about an hour then is changed for about another 15 mins of Celine and job is complete. Went to clinic at 11am and was coming home by just after 1pm .

As Taxotere can make your mouth quite dry and sore whilst being administered you are given an Ice lolly to suck whilst having treatment . I had 2 of these (small traffic light lollies) shame they weren’t Magnums , but I expect I should think myself lucky to get an ice lolly at all free on the NHS.

Had hic ups through evening after eating , or drinking , not sure if this is side effect or not .            Slept better tonight , slept from 10.30pm till 2.30 am and then woke up with Hic ups , this passed and went back to sleep again after about 1hour and slept until 5am .

Thursday 15th July  

Took 3rd batch of 8 Steroids this morning , plus one anti-sickness pill . Feel ok but wouldn’t say I am feeling 100% . No more Hic ups .

Photographer from Daily Mail came to take my picture for pending article that Liz Bestic has written . Photographer was Ben Lister , nice guy and must have took about 20 pictures of me in front  and back garden . Had to wear Long sleeve shirt and Trousers (As Daily Mail no jeans , t shirts allowed) . Pictures were taken as some smiling, some ½ smiling and others  looking solemn.

Slept from 10.30pm to 1.30am, then drifted in and out of sleep all night . Want to sleep , but Steriods appear to be stopping me.

Friday 16th July

Only had a Anti-Sick pill to take today , Feeling a bit Sluggish today , Legs and other parts of body  seem to ache  at moment .

Saturday 17th July

Feel  awful , Tired and all my legs ache at moment . Both the muscles and the joints ache, especially the joints. Legs from Knee down feel like I have been kicked until nothing left to kick . In bed all day .

Phoned Sommesham ward to see if could take pain killers and they said Paracetamol and Ibuprofen , took these but had no effect .

Sunday 18th July

In bed all day again , aching of Joints is worse especially through night , heels hurt , walking like a 90 year old.  Lost all taste , mouth and tongue looks horrible and everything I eat tastes of Soap or cardboard . Still taking Paracetamol and Ibuprofen but not helping .

Started taking a 10 day course of Antibiotics today . Pills are bigger than last time and much stronger.

Monday 19th July

Went to see Dr Tetteh at doctors surgery in village , she prescribed me with 2 stronger pain killers ,Naproxen and Codein  also with a tablet called Fluconazole  which will help with dry mouth , this is apparently Thrush .

Legs still ache , resting all day , Dr has signed me off work for 2 weeks to rest .

Tuesday 20th July

Pain killers seem to have kicked in and legs are less painful today , only feet heels that are tender. Done a little work from home on PC .  Mouth still sore and the odd ulcer appearing. Taste buds are very poor, just eating to keep alive , but not enjoying food. Eating plenty of small tins of fruit in own juice that have been chilled in fridge and ice lollies as both seem to sooth mouth . Also brushing teeth after each meal and mouth washing with salt water  to try and control ulcers along with either sucking a Rinstead or dabbing on adult Bonjela .  

Wednesday 21st July

Legs not bad today , heels still a little tender , but feel more myself. Mouth still sore from ulcers but tongue thrush getting better . Did a little in garden for about 1hour and then packed up as getting tired.

Went to work this afternoon for 2 hours , meeting Paul, Colin, Helen and Michael about Press day/ Open day  preparation as I won’t be there .

Very Tired when I got home both physically and mentally .

Thursday 22nd July

Went to see Dr Ram this afternoon at Hospital . He is happy with progress , but apologised that I had been so unwell after last treatment . Dr Ram has prescribed me a 5 day course of Steriods to continue with after 5th batch of Chemo and hopefully the side effects (Joints aching) won’t be as bad , and these can be topped up with pain killers if required. 

Was very tired this evening been a long day .

Friday 23rd July

Taste buds still poor , Ulcers worse so using more salt water and Bonjela . Tonque looks more healthy . Legs not hurting but have  felt tired to day , so have tried to rest .

Saturday 24th July

Ulcers really sore today , Phoned Sommersham ward who recommended I see a doctor. Phoned Suffolk doctors on call and got an appointment at Riverside clinic. Saw a Dr and he said they were not infected thankfully but were very angry looking. He prescribed me a mouth wash (Difflam oral rinse) to be used every 3 -4 hours. Used throughout day and mouth although sore improved enough to go to allotment barbeque this evening. Have stopped taking pain killers as legs ok

Sunday 25th July

Ulcers still sore  today so still using mouthwash .

Monday 26th July                                                                                                                                                                                            Ulcers are still present in mouth but not hurting like they did, still using mouth wash but not as frequent , so can eat more things now , plus taste buds are getting better .

Thursday 29th July

Ulcers gone , and majority of taste buds returned . Tired in afternoons . Hair starting to grow back , looks a bit fluffy , Amanda says I look like a Raspberry .

Sunday 1st August  2010

Feeling quite good today , went out for meal tonight ( Ferry boat Felixstowe) with Amanda & Children to celebrate Wedding anniversary (Which is next Sunday) as might not feel so good next week after treatment.


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